Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer relationship management (CRM) is about how to better connect and engage with customers, anticipate the buyer’s journey, and find ways you can meet their needs better than your competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a category of integrated suite of powerful software solutions that spans different customer management systems—such as sales, service, marketing, project services, field services—and allows them to work together. It streamlines your business processes and connects customer data to help you build relationships, increase productivity, and improve customer engagement.

It streamlines your business processes and connects customer data to help you build relationships, increase productivity, improve customer engagement, and maintain a clear view of customers: from the first contact through to full engagement life cycle.

Dynamics CRM helps business drive consistent and measurable improvements in key business processes. With tools to enhance any organisations sales, marketing and customer service processes – along with seamless integration with Skype for business, Outlook, SharePoint etc. – Dynamics CRM adds real value.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Agility – Increased productivity, and better customer relationship.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing provides improved customer insight and allows marketing decisions to be made based on customer feedback and the success of previous endeavours. Marketing teams can significantly improve critical marketing processes, including campaign planning and execution, data extraction and cleansing, as well as analytics and reporting.

Dynamics CRM for Sales provides access to 360-degree view of customer data online or offline, so that the sales team has real-time access to leads. This help to generate more leads and close more business and identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Dynamics CRM Sales and marketing components work together to help you better understand a customer’s needs and address those needs through the right marketing channels.

Dynamics CRM allows your sales team to find and prioritise the right leads and deliver insights when and where your sales teams engage with customers. To maximise the effectiveness of the sales force, Microsoft CRM simplifies account and contact management, territory management, forecasting and sales analytics, offline and mobile device access, and enables rapid access to products, pricing, and quotes.

Dynamics CRM enables customer segmentations, efficient team collaboration and information sharing. It’s very easy to segment customers into distinct groups, and then to market to one or more segments using a workflow-driven model.

Dynamics CRM enables your organisation to predict future sales and budgets so you can plan accordingly. Help your agents streamline the sales process from initial contact to closing the deal. Have your client data centralised so that agents have access to real-time information and deliver solutions quicker. Offer your sales staff mobility options that work across browsers and devices.

Dynamics CRM brings customer service and sales together and helps you determine and predict your customer’s preferences and make it easier for your buyers to interact and trust doing business with you.  It enables organisations to improve their customer’s experience by responding promptly to customer service issues and empowering employees to anticipate, address and deliver consistent and efficient customer care.

Dynamics CRM provides insights into your customers’ journey so you can meet their expectations. Giving your team visibility into what makes customer’s tick will give you the inside edge over the competition.  Providing customisable dashboards that offer up-to-date business intelligence, centralising customer data, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, Options that enable growth into other global markets and easy integration with other software products.

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